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Ooh, lookit me, writin' Mega Man fanfic. Wow.

Summary: Part of an ongoing series wherein I ignore the fourth wall, Mega Man characters from the various series play their own games, and, in this one, Blues.EXE doesn't get it and Enzan isn't impressed. Rated E for Everyone, no spoilers.

Enzan privately thought the game was a poorly-thought out piece of junk. )

You can read the previous parts (Classic series Forte, Axl, and X series Zero) at the AO3.
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Chaud cracks me up. From a cutscene in Megaman Battle Chip Challenge:

Chaud: I'm guessing that remnants of WWW are watching my every move. If I start having fun, it might give them the chance to pounce on me.

Lan: Er...Well, we all got problems, Chaud! Just calm down, dude. I think you worry too much.
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This is a WIP--there should be just one more part after this, but I figured I should post something a bit than slightly drunken ramblings. ^^;

Game-verse EXE fic, rated G, pre-series.

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This is a really short fic I wrote in an attempt to get a grasp on the game version of Blues.EXE. It was also a bit of an experiment with writing in first person.

The Value of Friendship )
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Wow. Long week at work. Won't go into it aside from saying that GPS is awesome and having to wear full-body protective equipment in 85+ degree weather is not.

Anyway, here's another small snippet from a still-untitled WIP, where Blues.EXE finds himself in the real world, fully human. I'm still working on the bit that takes place between this part and the one I previously posted (found here), but I think this stands alone fairly well. As a side note, this takes place in the game universe, where Enzan is an Official Netbattler.

Is that your real hair? )

Constructive criticism and feedback of other flavors is always welcome.
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I've got three chapters of an unfinished EXE fic on my hard drive. After starting and getting stuck on "Cookies of Chaos," I decided to not ever post a fic on without finishing it first. But this one seems to be picking up some momentum again. I started it about a year ago, after reading a few fics where Rockman.EXE ended up in the real world for one reason or another, and that got me thinking: What would happen if Blues.EXE got out into the real world as a human? Blues is first and foremost a Navi. He's very good at being a Navi, and in many ways I think is much better at fulfilling that role than Rockman is. So sticking him out in the real world is not going to be the most comfortable mesh for him.

Anyway. The story is set quite securely in the game universe. No specific timeline since, unlike a lot of my other fics, I'm not filling in a gap in Capcom's storyline. Here's the first chapter.

Click here. You know you want to. )
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Reference Tool: Because I apparently have too much time on my hands, I decided to go back through the EXE games (and just plain through the ones I hadn't finished in Japanese yet) and figure out what everyone calls everyone else. This is through the Quickman battle in EXE 2 and the end of the power plant scenario in EXE 1. Just for grins, I included the first-person pronouns that people use as well.

The format is:
Character's full name, or as close to it as I could get
What they're called: People who call them that

Wow, am I anal or what? )

General trends:
Netto almost never uses honorifics. Rockman almost always does, using "-chan" for girls, "-kun" for boys, and "-san" for grownups/grown-up type Navis. He always calls Haruka and Yuuichirou "Mama" and "Papa," even before his true identity is revealed.

Meiru uses honorifics for everyone except Netto, Rockman, and Roll.

Roll is the only one who ever calls Rockman "Rock," and she only does it when talking directly to him. If she's talking about Rockman with someone else, she'll call him "Rockman."

Programs use the -san suffix for everyone, unless they're in Yaito's house, in which case they will use the -sama suffix for her. Glyde follows the same pattern; "-san" for everyone except Yaito, who rates a "-sama."

Blues is not the only one who uses the "-sama" suffix for his Operator. Fireman, Glyde, and Gutsman do it, too.

Navis sometimes use honorifics among themselves (Rockman calling Yaito's Navi "Glyde-san," for instance). Operators, on the other hand, never use honorifics when talking to or referring to their Navis, although the Navis will almost always stick an honorific (usually -san or -sama) onto their Operator's name.

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