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I've been sitting on this for a good while now, and finally got up the nerve to send it to my sister (who more-or-less acts as my beta) and ask what she thought. She gave it the thumbs-up, so here, have an OC-heavy chunk of Mega Man fic, with a bizarre theory about Axl's origin and cameos by Blues and Kalinka.

Glimpse of the Future part 4 )

Previous parts can be found here (the construction of Rock and Roll), here (the construction of X), and here (the construction of Zero).
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Random observation: In the Mega Man X video games for Super NES, there can only be four "instruments" plus a percussion track at any given time in the music (I use the term instruments loosely, since they are, in fact, synthesizer-ish noises which only bear a passing resemblance to real instruments). Usually, this is one or two bass instruments, a melodic line, maybe a counter melody if there's only one bass instrument, and some higher-piched ostinato. The instruments used in X2 and X3 are, on a whole, more bright-sounding and grating on the ears.

Actually, I personally think X2 and X3 have the worst music out of any Mega Man game, any series. I don't like SNES game music that much to just listen to, straight. NES music is fine, and in fact, I have a lot of admiration for the composers for those games because there wasn't much they could do with instrumentation or dynamics. Playstation games have music that usually has a very nice complexity that wasn't really possible with the 16-bit systems. But SNES was at that horrible, awkward point where they could finally get something more than Beep Variation #6, instrumentally speaking, but the technology apparently didn't allow for a lot of "nice" sounding instruments. Either that, or the sound programmers were tone deaf. I mean, I like a lot of the melodies, I just don't like the arrangements.
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Two shorts here, one new, one old, both focusing on Classic series characters getting glimpses of the X generation of robots.

In Which Rock and Roll Introduce Blues To Their Youngest Brother )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In Which Forte Breaks Into a Lab and Discovers a Girly Looking Robot )
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After re-reading it a few times, I decided that I still was bugged by some of the massive overdose of OCs (OCOD?) in "So You Want to be a Maverick Hunter". So I rewrote it. Now with more Zero, fewer OCs, and large chunks of dialogue plunked down in a different setting. Sister sibling says she liked the original better, but I feel better about this one.

So You Want to be a Maverick Hunter, Take 2 )
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This is a short bit, even by my standards, but here's the next section of the X-and-Zero-Switch-Bodies-Fic. Previous sections can be found here, here, and here. (and yes, Atreyu, I am working on typing up the fic I mentioned a couple entries ago. This just got done first.)

I should come up with a title for this.

Body Switch fic, section 4 )
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So. I'm moving out of the dorms for good in two days. My life is getting packed up into boxes. Last year, as I was packing, I came up with the idea for "Moving Day." This year, I'm finishing up a fic that was started way back when the first bits of information on X7 were trickling out. Among those bits of information was the fact that X was no longer with the Hunters for the first part of the game. So I came up with this scene where X leaves the Hunters, which, I now realize, never really happened in canon (though if I really wanted to justify it, I could pretend that X actually did leave for a bit before returning and taking a desk job). Thus, this is now a bit AU. Warning for mild X angst.

Moving Out )

Feedback is always appreciated, especially constructive criticism.
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This picks up right where the last part (found here) left off.

It's still rated PG. Since I seem to be sticking in characters from X5, I guess this has to take place sometime after X4 but before X7, because Axl is not going to be appearing in this.

“So we’re stuck like this?” )

The next morning can be found here. Constructive criticism and other forms of feedback are always welcome.

(edit: Yay, new icon! I made it myself. ^_^)
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That X series body-switching fic I posted a bit of a week ago now has a beginning!

Rated PG it feels like it should be something higher than a G. Yeah. >_>
Was this what humans called an 'out of body experience'? )

The next morning can be found here. There will be something else in between this beginning bit I just posted and that, however.

Constructive criticism is very welcome. I'm not quite confident about my computerese-writing skills, and I don't think this flows as well as the other bit I've written so far. I've never tried third person limited Zero POV before, either. Any feedback on that or any other elements would be awesome.
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I don't understand how my brain works sometimes. I finish a huge writing assignment and what does my brain decide I should do? Write. Okay, it's writing fanfiction, which is quite different than a research proposal or academic paper, but still, writing to unwind from writing seems a bit bizarre. Maybe the plot bunnies finally got sick of being cooped up. Goodness knows this particular one has been scampering about for a long time.

X series ficcage. Somewhat clichéd premise and very much incomplete. )
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These are my translations of the random little bits from Rockman Perfect Memories Previous bits can be found under my Memories (I'm too lazy to link to them right now). I'm going to admit up front that I am not fluent in Japanese, and although I've done my best, there are some gaps where I couldn't figure out what on earth the book was saying, and some of the translations are dubious at best. Anything in brackets [like this] is me talking, not the book. I'm using the Japanese terms, e.g. "Irregular," "Repliroid," "Rockman" instead of the terms used in the English releases of the games, e.g. "Maverick," "Reploid," "Megaman."

Some of this is basically ads for the games, but there is some real information in there, as well.

X2 )

X3 )
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All this is taken from Rockman Perfect Memories, the 15th anniversary edition.  The text is Capcom's, not mine.  Any corrections on the translations are quite welcome (and, no, I don't care how long it's been since this was posted.  It's backdated like crazy in order to avoid spamming people's f-lists, and I'm not picky about comments like that, even if it is bad LJ ettiquete).  Original Japanese is given before the translations for my own reference and for the reference of anyone else who can read it.

There are a few differences in terminology between the Japanese and English versions.
Operator=Navigator [*refrains from making any EXE jokes*]
Famicom=NES ("Famicom" is short for "Family Computer," the Japanese version of the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System.  Super Famicom=Super NES)

Anything in brackets [like this] is me talking, not the book.

Short blurbs on the major characters )

Rockman X, the first game. Spoilers, ho! )
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Once again, text is Capcom's, not mine.

X1 )
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