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Just got back from seeing 2001: A Space Odyssey in a real movie theater, projected in 70 mm, and good gravy, that is a movie that benefits from being seen on the big screen. I mean, the format doesn't make the last 20 minutes make any more sense (seriously, Stanley Kubrick, what the heck is with the TEN SOLID MINUTES of psychedelic imagery in unrelentingly eye-searing colors), but the visuals are spectacular, and the theater experience really immerses you in the whole thing. Also, it's fun to listen to the reaction of a packed theater to HAL, especially at intermission from people who haven't seen it before and have somehow managed to avoid finding out via cultural osmosis how the whole thing with HAL plays out (yes, this movie has an intermission, despite not having a running time too terribly longer than some recent flicks, and yes, they actually take it).

For those of you in the NYC area, it's playing at the Museum of the Moving Image, with just two showings left, both tomorrow. Would've signal boosted earlier, but I just found out about it today.
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I went to see Captain America 2, and dang, Marvel is really continuing to do a good job with their movie franchise.

More spoilery thoughts below the cut, but just thought I'd throw it out there that there are two credit bonus scenes. One mid-credits, and one allll the way at the end. Not that this should come as a surprise at this point, but it was just me and three other people out of the near-full movie theater who didn't leave after the first easter egg.

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I checked out a Les Mis double feature from the library: a 2-sided DVD with the 1935 film version on one side and the 1952 version on the other. I was going to watch them in chronological order, but since I misinterpreted the DVD's labeling, I wound up watching the '52 version first.

It's obviously based on Victor Hugo's doorstop of a book, but it's also, as one might expect, rather different, sometimes in ways beyond what you might expect for a 1200 page book being compressed into a slightly-less-than-two-hour movie. Among the differences are the incorporation of Robert, Jean Valjean’s BFF, Marius being a self-confident ladies man with passionate republican ideals, an example of how Javert’s characterization can be entirely changed with just a couple of small details, and a one-sided pairing that makes me seriously worry about the writers of this movie.

OTOH, Gavroche somehow made it through, awesomeness intact, and he (presumably) didn’t die on the barricades. Also, you get a bit of sassy!bishop. So…yay?

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Jan. 20th, 2013 03:05 pm
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I finally went and saw two of the movies on my massive list of "Movies I Want To See." Cut for length and minor spoilers.

The Hobbit )

Long story short, decent flick, worth seeing if you liked the Lord of the Rings movies. It drags a bit for the first half, but the second half almost makes up for it. [personal profile] tealin probably had the right idea in her review when she mentioned that it's best watched not as a movie, but with the mindset that you're watching several episodes of "The Hobbit" miniseries.

Wreck-it Ralph )

Long story short, GO SEE THIS MOVIE. It's heartwarming, the animation is amazing, the characters are brilliant, and it's easily the best Disney CG animated movie yet. I'm talking Pixar good here (Disney distributes Pixar's movies, but the two are separate studios). And see it quick, as it's almost out of theaters. Especially go see it if you've ever been a fan of video games any time within the last thirty years. Judging by the response of the younger kids in the theater, it's still fun if you don't get all the references, but there's also a lot of bonuses for retro gamers, such as creative use of the Konami code and a plethora of cameos from Pac-Man to Street Fighter.
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Hello! I am not dead! I had a lovely Christmas and New Year's in Minnesota. Awkward gatherings with my stepmom's side of the family were balanced out when me and my (Buddhist) sibs snuck out to visit some old family friends who were very close to our mom while everyone else went to church for Christmas service. The invitation had been carefully worded to exclude the parental units, since my dad has an unfortunate track record of making a horrible scene whenever we go out with him in public around our mom's friends and/or relatives. It's pretty embarrasing for all who are involved, and we had a perfectly wonderful evening without him there.

Then I got home and discovered that the home internets are still down, and are probably going to remain down for various reasons.

Meanwhile, I have been consuming all the media. Quick reviews follow. Cuts are for the cumulative length, not for spoilers beyond what's in trailers.

Hetalia: Paint it White )

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol )

The Muppets )

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows )

The Adventures of Tintin )

Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia )

Doctor Who Xmas Special 2011 )

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I went and saw Captain America. True to form, I saw it a couple weeks after it's come out because I am chronically incapable of getting my act together enough to see a movie the week of its release. Unless it's a Harry Potter movie, that is — I think there's only one of those that I didn't see right away, and that's because I lived more than fifteen miles from the nearest one-screen-one-movie-a-week-with-only-two-showings movie theater at the time.

cut for length, not for spoilers )

Anyway. Long story short, great movie. Go see it if you haven't, especially since it seems to be starting to move out of theaters.

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