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So there's this really cool Les Mis community on Tumblr (is that the right term? Community? It's a moderated fanworks blog) called Every Century Happy. As the FAQs state, "The Amis Have The TARDIS, (to the distress of Javert and The Doctor) and they’re going to fix ALL THE THINGS." It's a pretty awesome collection of fanworks, and I wrote a thing for it.

Fic is under the cut, and also here on the AO3. The other stuff on the community is pretty awesome as well, if you follow the link up above.

Summary: Les Amis de l'ABC hanging out onboard the TARDIS, shortly after they first arrive. Featuring musings over futuristic lighting systems, Grantaire drinking odd things he found in a cupboard somewhere, finding cool stuff while getting lost in the TARDIS' maze of corridors, a discovery that early 19th century astronomy still had a long ways to go, a heck of a lot of books, and a completely ridiculous number of characters. Gen, no warnings/triggers.

Bibliophile's Paradise )
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Wow, lookit that, fic. Hopefully this makes sense to those who didn't grow up playing Spelunx. For those who didn't, I'm just going to say that the competition the Doctor describes is an actual mini-game. And it is glorious.

Summary: The Doctor gave Amy and Rory a toaster, because that's what you give early 21st century newlyweds. Of course, this being the Doctor, the toaster has a few quirks he forgot to tell the Ponds about. No warnings/triggers.

Also on Ao3 here.

Yodel Toasters, Or Why You Shouldn't Let The Doctor Buy You Kitchen Appliances )

You can watch a video of Spelunx gameplay here. The toaster minigame is at 4:40.
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I've completely caught up on the Temeraire series (I think I managed to read the last four books in less than a month), and now I'm all sad because there won't be any more books for awhile. My coping method for the moment seems to be writing ridiculous crossover fic. So, here, have a tiny fic with Finland from Hetalia meeting an OC dragon.

I can't believe I wrote this. )

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