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This is a short bit, even by my standards, but here's the next section of the X-and-Zero-Switch-Bodies-Fic. Previous sections can be found here, here, and here. (and yes, Atreyu, I am working on typing up the fic I mentioned a couple entries ago. This just got done first.)

I should come up with a title for this.

Body Switch fic, section 4 )
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This picks up right where the last part (found here) left off.

It's still rated PG. Since I seem to be sticking in characters from X5, I guess this has to take place sometime after X4 but before X7, because Axl is not going to be appearing in this.

“So we’re stuck like this?” )

The next morning can be found here. Constructive criticism and other forms of feedback are always welcome.

(edit: Yay, new icon! I made it myself. ^_^)
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That X series body-switching fic I posted a bit of a week ago now has a beginning!

Rated PG it feels like it should be something higher than a G. Yeah. >_>
Was this what humans called an 'out of body experience'? )

The next morning can be found here. There will be something else in between this beginning bit I just posted and that, however.

Constructive criticism is very welcome. I'm not quite confident about my computerese-writing skills, and I don't think this flows as well as the other bit I've written so far. I've never tried third person limited Zero POV before, either. Any feedback on that or any other elements would be awesome.
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I don't understand how my brain works sometimes. I finish a huge writing assignment and what does my brain decide I should do? Write. Okay, it's writing fanfiction, which is quite different than a research proposal or academic paper, but still, writing to unwind from writing seems a bit bizarre. Maybe the plot bunnies finally got sick of being cooped up. Goodness knows this particular one has been scampering about for a long time.

X series ficcage. Somewhat clichéd premise and very much incomplete. )

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