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Hello, 2015! I am quite disappointed that this year has not come with Back to the Future style hoverboards so far, but knock wood, there won't be any Angel attacks. :D

And with the New Year comes Yuletide reveals!

First of all, I'm going to re-link to my gift from moonlight69, Un Regard Volé, un Coeur au Désespoir, a lovely little slice of life from the Les Mis Dallas AU, with Jean Valjean trying to deal with Cosette growing up. It gave me warm fuzzies inside, and y'all should read it if you're familiar with Les Mis.

And then there's my gift for Oanja, entitled Jumbo &!. As you might guess from the title, it's a Yotsuba&! fic, centered around Jumbo and Koiwai, with little scenes from when they first met, how Jumbo got his nickname, and Jumbo's first meeting with Yotsuba. It's pretty much G-rated gen, although I suppose it could be taken as shippy if you turn your head and squint.

Also, unrelated to Yuletide, I wrote a canon-era Les Mis fic, A Very Feuilly Christmas, which is just a bit of (again, G-rated and gen) Christmas fluff that has nothing whatsoever to do with me being slightly melancholy in the days leading up to Christmas about how I wouldn't be spending it with most of my friends and family.
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I've been really neglecting my DW account, haven't I? Like, badly enough that I never even posted links to my Yuletide fic. Oops. Fixing that now, with bonus other stuff what I wrote recently (all Les Mis because that absolutely is The Fandom That Ate My Brain for the foreseeable future). All of it's gen, and all of it's extraordinarily safe for work.

First of all, my Yuletide fic for [personal profile] melannen, an excellent writer in their own right. "Five Times Enjorlas Dropped a Barricade on Someone." No, that is not a typo, as this is an Arm Joe fic. Yes, Arm Joe, the cracktastic Les Mis fighting game, where Marius summons armies of undead revolutionaries, there's a robotic version of Jean Valjean, and Enjorlas (as the game calls him) can drop barricades from the sky on his foes. AO3 link here or you can read it behind the cutsnip! )

Secondly, my fic for Miserable Holidays, the Les Mis holiday fanwork exchange. I received a spectacular moon colony AU from [personal profile] genarti, which you can read here on AO3. They've also written more in this 'verse on Tumblr.

As for what I wrote as a gift for [ profile] downtheroadandupthehill, it's "Saturn, Astronomy and All That Jazz," a modern AU fic centered around Combeferre and Grantaire. Genfic, because I am pants at writing anything else (although there's mention of one-sided Enjolras/Grantaire), mostly just banter. On the AO3 here or hiding behind the cut. snip! )

And lastly, a short, quick one, wherein Joly and Bossuet go to the Jardin de Plantes, visit the camel, and wind up laughing so hard that they disturb the other zoo-goers. "Still Life With Camel," based off a prompt by [ profile] pilferingapples, at the AO3, or under the cut. snip! )

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PSA/shameless self-promotion: I know there's a few Les Misérables fans who subscribe to this blog, so I figured I'd share the Tumblr post I made tonight. Basically, there's a new Les Mis manga out. The art is amazing, and aside from a rather extended visual metaphor that involves lions(?) that I haven't been able to fully puzzle out — I think I need to sit down with a Japanese-English dictionary for that — it follows the novel astonishingly well. I got a copy of the first chapter, and posted a bunch of pics + summary. Be warned, though, it only runs up to Valjean's release from prison, and is therefore depressing like a really depressing thing.
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This will probably take some explanation, because I don't think battle pillows are a "thing" outside of a fairly small segment of the Les Mis fandom on Tumblr. Basically, [ profile] pilferingapples somehow managed to get a black eye from a pillow. [ profile] needsmoreresearch came up with the idea of battle pillows from this — basically, a somewhat vicious, animate breed of pillows. It sort of spiraled from there. Collective canon(?) holds that Bahorel raises some and they have a taste for hats, particuarly Jehan's. There's at least one fake scientific paper. There's a tag on Tumblr. And heaven help me, I wrote fic for it. My inspiration came from this thing.

Also posted at AO3.

In which coats are nibbled upon, a hat is eaten, and Combeferre tries to make sense of this whole mess. )
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I checked out a Les Mis double feature from the library: a 2-sided DVD with the 1935 film version on one side and the 1952 version on the other. I was going to watch them in chronological order, but since I misinterpreted the DVD's labeling, I wound up watching the '52 version first.

It's obviously based on Victor Hugo's doorstop of a book, but it's also, as one might expect, rather different, sometimes in ways beyond what you might expect for a 1200 page book being compressed into a slightly-less-than-two-hour movie. Among the differences are the incorporation of Robert, Jean Valjean’s BFF, Marius being a self-confident ladies man with passionate republican ideals, an example of how Javert’s characterization can be entirely changed with just a couple of small details, and a one-sided pairing that makes me seriously worry about the writers of this movie.

OTOH, Gavroche somehow made it through, awesomeness intact, and he (presumably) didn’t die on the barricades. Also, you get a bit of sassy!bishop. So…yay?

overly long and somewhat opinionated movie recap under the cut )
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Cross-posting this from my tumblr, because I thought this was really interesting. I've been slowly back-translating the Japanese musical version of Les Misérables (which is in itself a translation of the English lyrics) song-by-song, and posting them to tumblr, although if anyone's interested, I can start cross-posting those to here.

Surprising discovery of the night: Japanese!Eponine has slightly girlier speech (or…erm…song) patterns than Japanese!Cosette.

Also surprising: Japanese!Valjean switches his personal pronouns back-and-forth from gender-neutral, plain vanilla “watashi" to the more aggresively masculine “ore." It’s “watashi" when he’s talking to Fantine or Cosette and while he’s dragging Marius through the sewers. It’s “ore" when he’s talking to Les Amis or Javert, and during “Who Am I?"

Disclaimer before I launch into thinky things: I am not a linguist, nor am I fluent in Japanese. I’ve picked up a good bit of both through classes and my own continuing interests, but totally feel free to politely tell me if I’m effing this up.

Generally, it seems to be “watashi" when he’s showing his kinder, gentler side, and “ore" during his more fierce, intense moments. The contrast really shows up in one line that gets echoed in two places in the musical. At the end of “Who Am I?" is the big, “Who am I? Two-four-six-oh-ooooonnnnne!" line. Then, in “Valjean’s Confession," Valjean again asks, “Who am I?" to which Marius responds, “You’re Jean Valjean."

In Japanese, however, Valjean’s question isn’t exactly the same both times. In “Who Am I?" he asks, “Dare da? Ore wa ni-yon-roku-go-saaaaaaann!"* In Valjean’s Confession, it’s “Dare da? Watashi wa …" which Marius then finishes with “Jean Valjean."

In the first song, the question is being asked by a man who is in great conflict with himself, and has been dealing in depth with the memories of his time in prison, a place that required the toughness implied by using “ore" just to survive. On the other hand, the man who sits down and talks with Marius, telling him his history, has been transformed by his time with Cosette into someone who loves and is loved in return, and he has this love in mind as he talks to Marius. So it’s “watashi," the less egotistical and possibly more submissive pronoun.

There’s probably some more stuff to be said as well about Valjean, the character whose identity is constantly in flux throughout the story (Hugo seemed to love playing the “Who is this mysterious new character? Ha! I got you! It’s Valjean!" game) and how appropriate it is that a character whose very identity changes several times also changes his personal pronouns — the only character in the musical that I’ve noticed doing so.

*Those who can count to ten in Japanese might note that this spells (numbers?) out 24653, not 24601. The change was probably made because, while you can fudge “roku" (six) into one syllable, “zero" (yes, it’s the same in Japanese) doesn’t work like that, and trying to dramatically hold out “ichi" (one) just sounds dumb.
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So there's this really cool Les Mis community on Tumblr (is that the right term? Community? It's a moderated fanworks blog) called Every Century Happy. As the FAQs state, "The Amis Have The TARDIS, (to the distress of Javert and The Doctor) and they’re going to fix ALL THE THINGS." It's a pretty awesome collection of fanworks, and I wrote a thing for it.

Fic is under the cut, and also here on the AO3. The other stuff on the community is pretty awesome as well, if you follow the link up above.

Summary: Les Amis de l'ABC hanging out onboard the TARDIS, shortly after they first arrive. Featuring musings over futuristic lighting systems, Grantaire drinking odd things he found in a cupboard somewhere, finding cool stuff while getting lost in the TARDIS' maze of corridors, a discovery that early 19th century astronomy still had a long ways to go, a heck of a lot of books, and a completely ridiculous number of characters. Gen, no warnings/triggers.

Bibliophile's Paradise )
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I guess I was numbering these episodes wrong, because "The Snowmen" counts and I thought it didn't. Oops.

random ramblings behind the cut )

And, on a completely different note, since I currently don't have home internets due to some nonsense with the router that my landlady can't figure out, I figure I might as well post this thing I wrote up about Les Mis in Japanese hiding under the cut )

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