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Dec. 7th, 2009 03:16 pm
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I wrote this while I was laid up with my fractured/bruised/whatever toe (still don't quite know what happened there…two doctors, two different diagnoses), and only realized afterward the parallels between the fic and my life.

So. Classic Megaman series fic, set sometime during the first couple of stages of Rockman & Forte. Or Megaman & Bass, if you're so inclined. No warnings.

Many thanks to my sister for betaing.

Blues didn't like sitting this one out, unable to keep tabs on what was going on. )
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Due to absolutely no demand whatsoever, I went ahead and translated the script for Rockman 3, which, for your reading enjoyment is paired with the script from the US release of the game and the script in the original Japanese. This game is a bit unusual in that there's little blurbs about the original eight DRN robots, plus Blues/Protoman included in the end sequence — sort of a prototype for the CDs in "Rockman & Forte"/"Megaman & Bass." If you don't want to wade through the script, I handily summarized the only major differences at the end.

No, Wily's reformed, really. Pay no attention to the robot masters behind the curtain. )
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It's been awhile since I posted one of these, but here's my translation of the Japanese script to Rockman 5, aka "That one where everyone thinks Blues is evil," with the official English script for comparison. There aren't any real differences, but I figure folks might be interested all the same.

Say it ain't so, Blues. )

As always, questions, comments and corrections are welcome.
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I've been sitting on this for a good while now, and finally got up the nerve to send it to my sister (who more-or-less acts as my beta) and ask what she thought. She gave it the thumbs-up, so here, have an OC-heavy chunk of Mega Man fic, with a bizarre theory about Axl's origin and cameos by Blues and Kalinka.

Glimpse of the Future part 4 )

Previous parts can be found here (the construction of Rock and Roll), here (the construction of X), and here (the construction of Zero).
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Here’s something a little different: a translation of Megaman/Rockman the Power Battles, the first of the Megaman arcade games. If you’re unfamiliar with them, they’re quite different from the classic NES and SNES games. They’re basically a series of boss battles, and you can play as Megaman, Protoman, or Bass (or Rockman, Blues and Forte if you’re playing the Japanese version). Depending on which character you play as, you’ll get a different ending. In-game text translations are under the first LJ-cut. The game also has some actual voice acting, notes on which can be found under the second LJ-cut.

Insert Coin )

Dialogue and other differences )
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Clearly I have too much time on my hands, because I transcribed and then translated the Japanese version of the NES game Rockman 4, AKA "That one with Dr. Cossack's daughter." My translation is behind the cut, along with the official English script for comparison. There really weren't any differences of note, but I thought people might be interested.

You mean I have to get through TWO fortresses? )
Corrections/comments/sarcastic remarks are welcome.
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New fic. This is the third in a series of shorts about robots from the Classic and X series getting glimpses of their successors. Big jump backward in time for this one, as Blues meets Rock and Roll in a horrible clash of musical puns.

Previous parts can be found here.

Took me long enough to post this... )
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I found a kanji dictionary for cheap at Half-Price Books! Whoo-hoo! I've decided to put it to good use by working on the NES Rockman games. Yes, they really did try to write kanji in eight bits. It's legible if you know the language, I guess.

Anyway, here's Rockman 2. Comments, criticisms, and corrections are welcome.

Not much text in this game... )
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Finished at last! Behind the fake cuts you can find the following:

( The Japanese game script, in Japanese )

( My English translation of the Japanese game script)

( The English game script from the US release )

And for those who don't want to read through all of that, here's a summary of differences that I noticed.

Notable differences between the Japanese and English versions )

Any comments, questions, or corrections are quite welcome!
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Well, it took me two years, but a few nights ago, I sat down and finally finished "Cookies of Chaos." Here's the entire thing. Hope y'all enjoy it.

Summary: This is why you should never let robots get bored. The robot masters are taking over Skull Castle’s kitchen in an attempt to make chocolate chip cookies. Chaos ensues.

It was a dark and stormy night… )

And, as a bonus, here's the recipie they were working from.
How to really make chocolate chip cookies )
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This was the second or third Mega Man/Rockman fic I ever wrote (the "date modified" on the file is October 3, 2004). I deleted it from the net when instituted its ban on song lyrics, but I came to the conclusion that, although it's not my best work, it's not so bad that I should keep it hidden away on my computer forever. So after a few tiny edits, here is "A Capella." And, yes, Blues does sing, but only briefly, and only for purposes of being a pain in the butt.

True genius cannot function under a background of pop music )
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I suppose I should explain myself before inflicting this on anyone. The Osumi Electronics robot wheeled its overly-cheerful, disturbingly commercial self into a fic I'm working on. Since the fic takes place before the fifth Classic game, Forte is, obviously, not in it. The idea of him running into the robot, though, was just way too fun to leave alone.

Welcome to Osumi Electronics! )
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Two shorts here, one new, one old, both focusing on Classic series characters getting glimpses of the X generation of robots.

In Which Rock and Roll Introduce Blues To Their Youngest Brother )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In Which Forte Breaks Into a Lab and Discovers a Girly Looking Robot )
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Like the subject line says, it's the epilogue to "Sunglasses in the Snow," the pre-Classic series fic centered around Dr. Cossack (before he got the "Dr." part of his name) and Blues. The main body of the fic can be found here.

Yes, I know it's short. )
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It's a sunny July day, with temperatures in the mid-90s. Guess what that means? It means I post a pre-Classic Rockman fic with Blues and Cossack stuck in an airport due to a blizzard. Yep. Perfectly seasonally appropriate, right?

Rated PG for sarcastic robots and implied swearing.

Sunglasses in the Snow )

Questions? Comments? Sarcastic remarks? Feedback makes me a happy Bobcat.
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Argh. Stupid, eating my scene dividers. And the Quick Edit thingummy doesn't work on either of my OS 9 browsers, so I can't tell that everything is screwed up until I check the story. I hope the last time worked. It'd better have. I shall be grumpy if it didn't. Anyway. New fic. I listen to music a lot while studying, writing, or doing almost anything else. This one was inspired by "Remembering Childhood" and "You Are the Pan" from the Hook soundtrack by John Williams.

Title: A Question of Duty
Rating: G
Summary: Just before the beginning of the first classic Rockman game, one of Dr. Light's household robots comes to him with an interesting proposition.

“Rock, this is crazy.” “It might be, but if I don’t stop them, who will?” )

I'd love to hear feedback of any sort, especially constructive criticism.
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Well, that was fun. We toured western Minnesota, with seven performances in three days (four on Friday--ugh). I'm still a bit sick, but I'm over the worst of it now. Low point was when we arrived at Coon Rapids and I ended up spending the performance huddled up in the back of the auditorium, trying to not pass out, lose my breakfast, or both. No love towards the girl who, when asked to show the sick oboist to a bathroom, led me halfway across the school instead of to the bathroom only a few steps outside the auditorium.

On Friday-Saturday night, we stayed in a casino's hotel, since it was the only place within thirty miles of our last gig of the day that could take the entire orchestra and jazz band. I didn't go gambling — casinos are soulless places, and the dead expressions on the people at the slot machines has always frightened me. The hotel room there was pretty nice, and definitely a lot better than the sketchy places we've stayed at on previous tours. Oddly, there was no bible hiding in the nightstand. I guess the Gideons haven't reached the Dakota reservation yet. ^_^

One thing I always like about the tour is that I actually get to know some of my fellow orchestra members. They're more than just the first clarinet or the viola who sits two chairs down. They're people who like Wallace and Gromit, play whist, and are hilariously sarcastic. They're people who you can joke with about burning Haydn's 104th Symphony as soon as we're done playing it for the eleventy-ninth time. They're people who you can go with out onto a frozen stream in 50° weather (or they're people who will stay on shore, going, "You're all nuts!"). And some of them are people who are nice enough to put up with a sick roommate who was probably snoring something awful since her nose was all stuffed up, and for that I thank them.

On a completely different note, I was searching through my hard drive for a buried document, and found my first, unfinished attempt at Rockman fanfic, from back in December 2003.

The Missing Prototype )
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Here is the first bit of my attempt at translating the 15th anniversary edition of Rockman Perfect Memories.  I'm including the original Japanese text in addition to the translation both as a reference for myself and for anyone who is better at Japanese than I am, since it's been a good two and a half years since I had any sort of formal instruction in the language and I've only had 3 semesters in high school and 2 semesters in college.  Translation corrections are more than welcome.  Stuff in brackets [like this] is me talking, not the book.

My name-kanji skills are not l33t enough to decipher the name of the writer, but this is all owned by Capcom.  The text is not mine in any way, shape, or form.  I don't feel too bad about putting chunks of the text out here because I think this book is now out of print and extremely hard to find. 

Inhabitants of the Classic Rockman World )

More to come as I get this typed up.  I actually have most of the Rockman X section and good-sized chunks of the Classic series, EXE, and the glossary translated, but it's all handwritten right now.

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