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Thoughts typed up during the commercial breaks/credits:

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That was overall a pretty enjoyable episode. Here's hoping that's a good omen for the rest of the season.

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That was far better than I had expected! I'd watched the re-airing of "The Name of the Doctor," and still found it to be a pacing disaster, with half a season's worth of plot crammed into one episode, and was really worried that the 50th anniversary special would suffer from a similar problem of too much story in too little time. Nope.

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I watched the Great Unveiling Of The Twelfth Doctor while eating lunch, and I'd like to point out that Stephen freaking Hawking agrees that a female doctor with a male companion would be the bee's knees. Said comment by Hawking was almost immediately followed by an asinine comment by Moffat on why he thinks there will be a female doctor when pigs fly (or at least when Elizabeth II's reign ends, because then the queen, as in the head of state on the British throne, will, in fact, be male — we have word for that, it's called "king.")

Anyhow, more thoughts under the cut for those who've somehow managed to avoid spoilers so far.
'Spoilers!' as River would say )

I will miss Eleven — he was my first doctor, and probably will always be the doctor to me, but here's hoping the new guy is just as awesome, in his own way.
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So there's this really cool Les Mis community on Tumblr (is that the right term? Community? It's a moderated fanworks blog) called Every Century Happy. As the FAQs state, "The Amis Have The TARDIS, (to the distress of Javert and The Doctor) and they’re going to fix ALL THE THINGS." It's a pretty awesome collection of fanworks, and I wrote a thing for it.

Fic is under the cut, and also here on the AO3. The other stuff on the community is pretty awesome as well, if you follow the link up above.

Summary: Les Amis de l'ABC hanging out onboard the TARDIS, shortly after they first arrive. Featuring musings over futuristic lighting systems, Grantaire drinking odd things he found in a cupboard somewhere, finding cool stuff while getting lost in the TARDIS' maze of corridors, a discovery that early 19th century astronomy still had a long ways to go, a heck of a lot of books, and a completely ridiculous number of characters. Gen, no warnings/triggers.

Bibliophile's Paradise )
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Big news on the Doctor Who front today. To those trying to avoid spoilers of any sort, um … I wish you luck, considering that I found out about it while looking at front page of the BBC News website while in search of the latest info on the situation in Turkey (which is another big thing unto itself). Best course of action might be to avoid the internet entirely, at least for the next few days.

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That was … um … wow.

Cut text is still trying to process the episode )

It's going to be a long wait until November.
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It's less than seven hours 'til the season finale, and I suppose I ought to actually finish writing my reaction to "Nightmare in Silver" and post it before then, late though it is. Thoughts about last week's episode and the season as a whole thus far under the cut.

Cut can be found at Natty Longshoe's Comical Castle )

ETA: I just remembered one more thing. The sponsor for this episode, at least where I was watching, was iRobot. The juxtaposition of attacking Cybermen followed by commercials for robotic vacuum cleaners means that I will never look the same way at Roombas again.
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Wow, lookit that, fic. Hopefully this makes sense to those who didn't grow up playing Spelunx. For those who didn't, I'm just going to say that the competition the Doctor describes is an actual mini-game. And it is glorious.

Summary: The Doctor gave Amy and Rory a toaster, because that's what you give early 21st century newlyweds. Of course, this being the Doctor, the toaster has a few quirks he forgot to tell the Ponds about. No warnings/triggers.

Also on Ao3 here.

Yodel Toasters, Or Why You Shouldn't Let The Doctor Buy You Kitchen Appliances )

You can watch a video of Spelunx gameplay here. The toaster minigame is at 4:40.
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I give up on this numbering scheme.

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS )

The Crimson Horror )

Also, in the interest of shameless self-promotion, I finally got my rear in gear and set up a pinboard account, since I gave up on Delicious when they revamped the site to make it stupid. I'm slowly going back through my eleventy billion bookmarks that I've made over the last year and a half and adding them in. Lots of Les Mis fics for now, since that's what I'm currently binging on (I make no apologies), but I know there's a bunch of Avengers and Fullmetal Alchemist stuff buried in the backlog. Anyway, if you're looking for some good fic to read or maybe a recipe or something, check it out.
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I missed all but the last five minutes of the episode since I was having dinner at a hibachi restaurant with the gals from the office (Gasho on Long Island — good food, excellent show even though we apparently got the new guy who was only on his second night and persisted on randomly singing the "Hey, sexy lady" bit of Gangam Style since it was a table full of "sexy ladies.").

I'll probably have something more useful to say after I've actually watched the whole thing, but here's what I got from it:

- The Doctor broke the TARDIS! Oh noes! Only … he didn't? Or he had? Or he will? But it was fixed, because timelines? So confused.

- Clara's hair is really spiffy looking, but I seriously doubt she could've done that herself. Among the Doctor's many talents is "hairdresser"?
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I guess I was numbering these episodes wrong, because "The Snowmen" counts and I thought it didn't. Oops.

random ramblings behind the cut )

And, on a completely different note, since I currently don't have home internets due to some nonsense with the router that my landlady can't figure out, I figure I might as well post this thing I wrote up about Les Mis in Japanese hiding under the cut )
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Random ramblings on "The Cold War" behind the cut )
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First of all, "The Rings of Ahkaten" is such a beautifully Classic Who-sounding title.

spoilers behind the cut )
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So I made a special purchase at Stop & Shop and then took a picture earlier today, for purposes of making a rather awful joke about how I had a packet full of TARDIS self-destruct buttons. And then they made an appearance in tonight's episode as actual biscuits. Cookies. Whatever.

*throws up hands*

*eats biscuits*

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My dad's final gift to me, the day before I left, was the cold he'd had since before Christmas (protip: this is not a good holiday gift). So I was lying curled up under a blanket on the downstairs sofa when my dad came in to see if I was up for lunch and asked what I was watching. Answer: Doctor Who, on Netflix. "Can I watch?" he asked.

So I gave him a quick tutorial (The blue box is the TARDIS, which travels in time and space and is bigger on the inside. It's owned by that guy, the Doctor. He's an alien who can regenerate into a new body when he dies, which he's just done, and he's had a bit of an accident, which is why the TARDIS is on fire right now and spinning out of control. And, yes, it always looks like a police box. It's supposed to have a chameleon circuit which lets it blend in with its surroundings, only that broke while he was on 1960s Earth, so it's stuck looking like that) and cued up "The Eleventh Hour." I know a lot of people would say to start with "Rose," but I think the first couple of episodes from 2005 feel like a new show that's still trying to get its footing. "The Eleventh Hour" was my intro to the series, and it was good enough to get me hooked. Eleven's just so much fun when you first meet him.

His reactions once the episode was over, in order: "Wow, what a performance!" "So does he just have no eyebrows?" and, "Are you up for another?" So we watched "Blink," because you don't really need any prior knowledge of the series and he wasn't planning on hanging out around any graveyards anytime in the near future.

And apparently I am not alone in being sick, because it seems like half the people I'm friends with on Facebook and DW are sick and/or have sick kids. Yikes. 'Tis the season, I suppose.
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I'd figured out awhile ago that The Eleventh Doctor's theme music (as heard here) is in 7/4 time, a fairly uncommon time signature. I figured this was done because 4/4 time is the most common for western music, and since you're subconsciously expecting measures in multiples of four beats, 7/4 time feels like it's "missing" a beat. Thus, it gives this feeling of running forward so fast you're on the verge of stumbling over your own feet — very appropriate for Eleven, who's easily the flailiest of the doctor's I've seen so far (1, 9, 10, and 11). But I just realized another likely reason: 7+4=11. Is that cool or what?

Incidentally, Reason #178 Why I'm Glad I Live Alone: Being able to wander about my apartment, listening to my iPod and making little orchestra conducting motions without anyone giving me funny looks.
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Mostly "eeeee!" for Vastra and Jenny showing up again (also Strax, lol), but also yay for a new companion not from 21st century Britain. I am, however, very curious as to if/how they're going to explain why Clara looks exactly like Oswin. If the answer involves the phrase "morphic resonance," I will be sad.
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Live-blogging the last episode before the midseason break. Posting the day after because a mid-episode power cut messed up my internet. Also, please note that for the last third of the episode, this sort of degenerates into borderine incomprehensible wibbling before I gave up altogether.

First of all, POOOOOONNDS! *bawls* I'm gonna miss them.

And if Rory (or Amy, but Rory has the worse track record here) dies for real, I'm gonna be mad, because Any and Rory should have a happy ending where they get to live and love and grow old together.

Doctor Who 7x05: The Angels Take Manhattan )

On a side note, my library check-out today was handled by the librarian whose daughter is into Doctor Who. Her take on it: "Did you watch the episode last night? Wasn't that ridiculous?"

No, not really. Actually, that was really freaking good, as good as I could've hoped for.

And assuming that Oswin will actually be the next companion, I'm hoping that [personal profile] such_heights' fic here will be at least partially true. Massive huge spoilers for 7x01, so don't read if you haven't seen that episode.

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