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Dear Yuletide Author,

This year I wanna erector set and a new dolly and a real live pony and…

Just kidding.

So, obviously you are a person of discerning taste, since you like at least one of these fandoms enough to have signed up to write it. Rest assured that I will totally love anything you write for any of these fandoms. If you read my requests and went, "Oooh! Oooh! I know exactly what I am going to write!" go for it! I'd far rather you write what you want to write than have you tie yourself in knots trying to please me on every little detail. But if you need or want a little extra help, read on.

In general…

Genfic rocks my socks, although I also like het, slash, femslash, and poly relationships. I do ask that you keep it out of the NC-17 range, though, since I've been known to skip over sex scenes if I'm not in the right mood, and I'd hate to miss out on any of your story. Also, no non-con, please.

If you're inclined to write a holiday-themed story, go for it, but just be aware that I'm not Christian and thus the Baby Jesus bits of Christmas aren't something I'm super into.

I love me some snappy dialogue, and I have equal love for character studies and plot-centric fix. Humor is a plus but not necessary, and I'm always up for a good AU (as can be seen by the fact that two of my nominations are for Les Mis AUs). I love expanded backstories, too. If you're so inclined, I'm totally up for a crossover, so long as I know both the fandoms.

If you want a further idea of what I like (or what fandoms I'm familiar with, if you're going the crossover route), you can check out my pinboard, my AO3 bookmarks,, and/or my Tumblr fic recs tag. One of these days I will actually try to get all that stuff consolidated into one spot.

You can also see my own writings on my AO3 account. Like most people, I tend to write the sort of stuff that I like to read. Note that just because Les Mis is my current most active fandom, that does not mean that I won't be happy with any of the non-Les Mis adjacent fandoms. Fic for any of the fandoms I signed up for will be met with much flailing and happy squeeing noises.

So, without further ado, (oh gods, this letter is so long), the fandoms! I've included info on how to access canon material, because goodness knows I've been in the "Oh crap, I can't actually write for this fandom I signed up for" camp more than once.

Arm Joe (characters: Any)
Being that this is a fighter game based on Les Mis, I'm not expecting anything super-serious here. I mean, if the muse has struck you in that direction, go for it by all means, but if you're going the route of pure, unadultrated crack, that is totally a good route to be on. If you want to try and explain how this world works (Where did Robojean come from? Why are they all fighting? Are these the canon characters thrust into video fighter game land or a crazy AU? What the heck is even up with Ponpon?), or try and explore the Cosette-Eponine-Marius love triangle thing in this 'verse, or even retell part of the story in this bizarro universe, I am up for all those or anything else your mind can come up with. Basically, go nuts, just no PWP, please. And I'm okay with any of the characters listed, either individually or together. You're under no obligation to include all of them, although you certainly can if you like. FYI, as far as canons go, if you want to incorporate things from the more "official" versions of Les Mis, I'm familiar with the musical, both stage and 2012 movie version, as well as The Brick.

I think I pretty well covered it. FYI, I know this is a fandom that I've actually written for, but if your take on the game-verse is different from mine in any way, shape, or form, that's more than okay. The more takes on this crazy universe and the more fic for this, the better!

I'm gonna be a total lazy butt and link to my fandom pimping post from last year, because that has links to download the game and YouTube videos of gameplay.

Les Misérables (Dallas 2014) (characters: Any)

Oh, gosh, anything set in this verse, please. If you need a prompt, I'd love to see something with Cosette being brought up by Valjean (seriously, she is so adorkable in this version) or something about Marius' backstory or heck, anybody's backstory. Again, though, seriously, most anything for this would be awesome. Gen or shippy is fine, just please keep it out of NSFW territory.

Feel free to include any characters from the original novel or musical canon that didn't make it into the nominations list for this one. You certainly don't have to, but if you want to include anyone from Combeferre to Mabeuf, I'll know who you're talking about :)

It's the Les Misérables musical, set in modern-day! Unfortunately, the show is no longer running, and there has been no official soundtrack or video release, but if you poke around in the Les Mis Dallas tag on Tumblr, you might find something :)

The Long Earth Series - Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter (characters: Any)

I am normally always up for an AU, but I love the worldbuilding in this fandom so much that I really, really want something in the canon universe. Er … universes. This is an any/all/none of the characters kind of request. Basically, I just want to see more adventures by anyone across the Long Earth and beyond. Sally stepping out on her own pre-Step Day. Early explorations of the Long Earth. Sister Agnes being her awesome self. Your own ideas are also probably pretty awesome, I'm sure. It's all good. I'm cool with gen or ships of any sort. Just please don't make romance the main focus of the story, and keep it SFW, please.

I think that pretty well covers it. I just really love the multiverse idea of this canon, how each step is a different fork down the road of space-time and how you get things like belts of Earths that are in ice ages or deserts, and you sometimes get the crazy Jokers. And how the Long Earth is actually the Long Universe, stretching to other planets — if you're nerdy enough to further explore that idea (Long Venus? Long Titan?), go for it. I should probably add that I am cool with cross-species relationships for this canon, if you want to go in that direction, but if you don't, that's equally cool.

This is a three-book science fiction series co-written by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter: The Long Earth, The Long War, and The Long Mars . All are in print and available as e-books. You could get away with just reading the first one, quite frankly, as that's where the majority of the world-building occurs.

The Tripods - John Christopher (characters: Any)
This is another fandom where I fell in love with the worldbuilding, and any/all/none of the listed characters would be fine. Further adventures in re-discovering "The Ancients'" technology, a look at the destruction of the American and/or Asian domes, something from the Masters' point of view, or any of the (probably better) ideas you can come up with would be lovely. Bonus points for female characters, Eloise or otherwise, as the series was sorely lacking in them and it made me sad. Gen, het, and slash are all fine by me, just no PWPs, please.

I think my request pretty well covered it. Unlike The Long Earth, this is one where I am NOT cool with cross-species relationships, mostly because of the power imbalance. Also, tentacle-fic isn't my thing.

This is a trilogy of YA science fiction books by John Christopher: The White Mountains, The City of Gold and Lead, and The Pool of Fire. There's also a prequel, When the Tripods Came, but it's been well over a decade since I read the prequel and I honestly don't remember very much about it, so feel free to ignore it. The books are all about 200 pages long, pretty quick reads, and available both in print and as e-books.

Of course, these are all only suggestions! Optional details are most definitely optional. Enjoy the experience, and I'm sure that whatever you write will be fabulous! Happy Yuletide!

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