Feb. 17th, 2014

bobcatmoran: (mikado "huh?")
I finally saw Catching Fire today. The theater was surprisingly crowded for a movie that's going to be out on DVD in just a couple weeks, with probably 2/3–3/4 of the seats filled.

Long story short, it was incredibly good, everything the internets have promised (I haven't exactly been avoiding spoilers since I've already read the books). Pretty much none of the characters looked like how I had imagined while reading the books, but they all fit their roles so well that I didn't mind in the least.

I wasn't really prepared, though, for the emotional reaction I had to it. Maybe it's just because of where it ends, or maybe it's just because this movie never lets up on shoveling the emotional trauma on Katniss' head. Regardless, I came out of that theater just completely overwhelmed and sort of wanting to just curl into ball. Got in the car and couldn't handle the music that was on (granted, my CD player had decided that "Turning" from the Les Mis soundtrack was a great selection which…um…no. Just, no. "Children of the barricade who didn't last the night" is a little too on the nose). Turned it off, the silence was too oppressive. Couldn't handle pop music, too upbeat and shallow. Couldn't handle lyrical stuff, too sad. Spent the entire drive home changing stations every ten seconds and being angry at my radio because it wasn't helping.

I'm a good deal more together now, but it took me a couple hours. Dang, that was intense.

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