Dec. 10th, 2009

bobcatmoran: Alphonse needs a kitten (need a kitten)
My day, summarized in one word: AAAAARRRGH.

My day, summarized in more than one word:
…actually, I'm just going to summarize the peak of the suck that was today, because to list it all would take too long. That would be the part where the two dogs — mind, these are the dogs that had been barking and snarling at us while we were in the yard next door and had been doing so ever since we went into the yard where they were (supposedly) securely in their pen — the two dogs broke through the fence of their pen and charged toward me. There was a lot of screaming on my part, although fortunately no biting of body parts. Dog 1 bolted out the open gate (we leave the gates open when in a yard with dogs for exactly this scenario, so we aren't trapped in the yard) and down the street, and Dog 2 was contented with stealing my hat, which I threw at him.

I felt bad because I left one of my climbers stranded up a tree in the yard, but he made it out all right and managed to retrieve my paperwork, which I had left behind when I fled. I got the hat back, too, although it needs a bath now. Ew, dog drool.

But, damn, that was scary.

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