Nov. 21st, 2009

bobcatmoran: The twins from Ouran, talking about robots and flowers (robot flowers)
Hanging out in the library, as I have nothing better to do, and there's an open house at my place — Landlady is looking to buy a bigger, brand-new house down a couple blocks. Should the deal go through, I'd be coming along, keeping the same rent and having more-or-less the same sort of setup, only vertical — kitchen on the ground floor, bedroom up a spiral staircase. I love spiral staircases. :D

I technically could be still hanging out at my apartment, but it's really awkward being there while people traipse through with the realtor every ten minutes or so (I also technically could be like, "No, go away and stop bothering me," but I'm sort of a doormat like that). So I went and got myself some more reading material and would've gotten myself started in on the 1990s in my crazy attempt to watch every single Disney animated feature in chronological order before the year is out (the '80s were an…interesting decade for the company. Something like an 85% turnover rate from the previous decade led to a visible difference in animation style, and there's a definite darker edge to the films than had been seen since the pre-WWII days. It peaked with "The Black Cauldron" and the Horned King's gruesome undead army. To this day I still don't know where on earth my elementary school administrators got a hold of a print — it wasn't released on video until 1998, thirteen years after its original release — or why they thought it would be a good idea for an end-of-the-year film to show to kids as young as six).

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