Aug. 1st, 2009

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Well, the cookies were a rousing success, as was everything brought by our office, since no one else brought anything, aside from a box of cookies from Dunkin' Donuts courtesy of the Queens office and a cake brought by a guy who just moved from our office to Queens. Do the math: 1/4 of the people at a potluck bring food, 4/4 of them eat the food. It doesn't quite come as a surprise that all the desserts and side dishes were gone before the burgers and hot dogs were cooked.


Still, it was a good picnic. I got to meet a few more people from the other New York offices — I'd actually met most of them while working in Queens a couple months ago, but there were still quite a few who I hadn't run into yet. And someone brought a volleyball net, so that was a lot of fun.

On the downside, by the end of the day, my left ankle was swollen and itchy like mad, courtesy of the wasps' nest that one of my coworkers and I had come upon while surveying a sump on Wednesday. Yup, nothing like stepping on a wasps' nest while thrashing through the brush. Fortunately, we got away with only one sting each, but since this is the government, we each had to fill out like five trees worth of paperwork for having an on-the-job injury. The forms made for interesting reading, as they're made to cover every conceivable injury, from "tripped and fell over own feet" to "had a forklift fall on me" or "spilled hydrochloric acid on my face." Heck, I'm sure that if I looked hard enough, I would've found something for "zapped by alien ray gun."

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