Feb. 6th, 2005

Hi there!

Feb. 6th, 2005 08:18 pm
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I've been on the internet for more than ten years (my first forays into cyberspace were done on a 14K modem using Gopher), but I've never had an online journal before. This oughta be interesting. Or something.

Like my profile says, I write fanfiction. So far all the stuff I've deemed decent enough to post on the internet has all been Rockman-related. It's mostly classic or X series, and can all be found here. Any new stuff I write will also be posted here, and I might post some WIPs as well.

I have a dim awareness that the Superbowl is on. Quite frankly, I wouldn't have known at all, except I went to the campus center to get some food, and it was on the TV in there. Football is a mystery to me. I know the basics of the game--after four years of playing in high school marching band and attending every single home game I'd have better picked up something--but I really don't get the appeal of it. It's just a controlled fight over a dumb little ball (oh, watch, now I'll have driven away the one person who actually stumbled across this journal and happens to be a rabid American football fan).

Let' see...anything else to ramble about? *ponders* Fullmetal Alchemist is devouring my brain. Yep.

Geez, I'm bad at this journaling game.

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