Mar. 27th, 2014

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I've been really neglecting my DW account, haven't I? Like, badly enough that I never even posted links to my Yuletide fic. Oops. Fixing that now, with bonus other stuff what I wrote recently (all Les Mis because that absolutely is The Fandom That Ate My Brain for the foreseeable future). All of it's gen, and all of it's extraordinarily safe for work.

First of all, my Yuletide fic for [personal profile] melannen, an excellent writer in their own right. "Five Times Enjorlas Dropped a Barricade on Someone." No, that is not a typo, as this is an Arm Joe fic. Yes, Arm Joe, the cracktastic Les Mis fighting game, where Marius summons armies of undead revolutionaries, there's a robotic version of Jean Valjean, and Enjorlas (as the game calls him) can drop barricades from the sky on his foes. AO3 link here or you can read it behind the cutsnip! )

Secondly, my fic for Miserable Holidays, the Les Mis holiday fanwork exchange. I received a spectacular moon colony AU from [personal profile] genarti, which you can read here on AO3. They've also written more in this 'verse on Tumblr.

As for what I wrote as a gift for [ profile] downtheroadandupthehill, it's "Saturn, Astronomy and All That Jazz," a modern AU fic centered around Combeferre and Grantaire. Genfic, because I am pants at writing anything else (although there's mention of one-sided Enjolras/Grantaire), mostly just banter. On the AO3 here or hiding behind the cut. snip! )

And lastly, a short, quick one, wherein Joly and Bossuet go to the Jardin de Plantes, visit the camel, and wind up laughing so hard that they disturb the other zoo-goers. "Still Life With Camel," based off a prompt by [ profile] pilferingapples, at the AO3, or under the cut. snip! )


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