Feb. 3rd, 2014

bobcatmoran: (sneaky ed)
Today wins the most-abbreviated-workday-due-to-snow award for the year, so far. And, boy, have there been a lot of those this winter. Two late starts, and I think this might make three early releases due to winter weather. It had hardly started to snow when work started today, but by 9 am there was enough snow that some of my more bored coworkers opted to build a 5-foot tall snowman once they finished (futilely) cleaning off the government cars. I should remember to bring my camera and take a picture tomorrow. He's all decked out in a survey vest and old uniform cap like he's ready to go out into the field.

We probably should've been let out much earlier, given that I had to help push four of my coworkers out of the unplowed parking lot — I was the last to leave since I have 4-wheel drive and live close enough that I can walk home. Unfortunately, the folks who make that call are up in Albany, and they apparently took a look outside their windows and went, "Well we don't have a snowstorm here. No idea what they're whining about."

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