Nov. 20th, 2009

bobcatmoran: Alphonse needs a kitten (need a kitten)
Day three of sick leave for me. Ugh. I have no idea what the heck this is or how much of it is some sort of actual bug and how much of it is the usual cascade of allergies to practically everything that's not edible -> sore throat -> no sleep because I can't both be horizontal and breathe -> tired like a tired thing. Whatever it is, I feel like crap. I probably would've tried to work through it, but I'm going to be playing hostess to the family for Thanksgiving, starting on Monday. So I'm hoping that staying home and drowning myself in honey-lemon tea will help. Fortunately, sick leave never expires, carries over from federal job to federal job, and I almost never use any of it. So I've got enough built up by now that I could take almost three weeks off if need be.

Unfortunately, I'm out of fresh reading material. Well, okay, I do have that volume of Rockman Megamix, but I'm not up to that. I tried. My brain's too fuzzy to deal with more than about five panels before going, "Thinking is hard. Nap time."

Oh, man, and I have to get this place cleaned up sometime before Monday, too. Ugh. I think I'm en route to being the Worst Hostess Ever.

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