Oct. 9th, 2009

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I'm watching the Twins-Yankee game, bottom of the tenth. I'm not a sports fan by any means, but the Twins are the one pro team for which I actually count myself as a fan. I don't get the appeal of football, never got into basketball, and although I'll watch hockey if I'm in a room where it's on, I couldn't tell you a thing about the teams or players.

But my mom was a casual Twins fan, and she passed that on to me. I don't know all the players, but I at least recognize more names than I would for, say, the Vikings lineup. Plus they're playing the Yankees. You know, the team where half their lineup will make more apiece per game than I'd make in a decade. Of course, this is Yankees territory, and I've heard enough overblown praise of the overpaid Yankees over the last few days that I had to go and watch the game to support my team. Even if me watching it on television doesn't actually have any effect on anything, there's a certain appeal in rooting for the underdog. Plus, baseball moves slowly enough that I can go and do other stuff while the game's on.

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