Jun. 30th, 2009

bobcatmoran: (yay books)
I tried making The Pioneer Woman's sorta key lime pie. The "sorta" comes from the fact that it uses regular limes rather than key limes, which suits me just fine, as real key limes are about the size of large walnuts and a pain and a half to juice.

The amount of crust for this recipe is kind of ridiculous (which, to be fair, she totally mentions), but the filling is AMAZING. It's an incredibly limey firm custard that makes me think that this recipe could, with minimal adaptations, work as a key lime bar. I have a key lime bar recipe from Cook's Illustrated, and it's delicious (because it's, y'know, Cook's Illustrated, and they test every recipe to death before publishing it), but like a lot of Cook's Illustrated recipes, it's a lot of fuss to make. Plus, it doesn't cut into bars very neatly, while I've been able to slice through this pie without getting filling goop all over.

Also, making it gives me an excuse to put a bunch of graham crackers in a ziplock bag and then bash the hell out of them with my rolling pin, which is a terrible lot of fun. I suppose I could use a food processor (if I had one) to make the crumbs, but it's more fun and cathartic to do it manually.

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