Apr. 16th, 2009

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Yesterday was the Amazing Fourteen-and-a-Half Hour Work Day. Yee-haw. Things which I have learned from said work day, in no particular order:

• Driving around Queens is like playing Paperboy. There's all sorts of random obstacles in the way, people pull out in front of you suddenly, and you get bonus points for breaking the windows of non-subscribers.

• Driving on the Southern State Parkway around 7:30 PM is like playing Rad Racer at the later levels. The road twists and turns, you fly up and down hills, there's that one car that keeps trying to cut you off, and it's all done at a mildly insane speed.

• Working on Queens QA is nothing like any NES game, unless there's one where you stand in the rain and try to convey in broken Spanish and sign language to someone that you'd like to get into their yard to make sure they don't have any trees there.

• The planners for the city streets of Queens were not very original. A typical run of streets is something like: 68th St., 69th Pl., 69th Ln., 69th St., 70th Ln., 70th St., 71st Pl....

• Wearing my non-USDA rain jacket underneath my USDA jacket still keeps me dry.

• There is no conceivable reason why I was told to bring a hard hat.

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