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Just noticed that I haven't posted here since January. Oops.

In my defense, I've spent a lot of that time — like a completely appalling amount — dealing with some major brain weasels, exacerbated by my grandpa passing away just as I was starting to claw myself out of the pit I'd fallen into. I was supposed to take a trip to Washington, DC for a fandom meetup a couple weeks ago, but it was less than a week after the funeral, and I just couldn't. I've gotten my meds adjusted, though, which seems to be helping. And I've started seeing a therapist, who's been helpful. At least now I feel like I can keep myself from spiraling so badly that I wind up calling into work because I can't compose myself well enough to face other people.

The real test, I suppose, will be at the end of May when the parental units and my youngest sib come out to visit, which is always stressful (and I feel like an asshole for saying this, but I'm kind of ticked that my stepmom is coming along, since prior discussion had been that this would be a visit for just my dad and his biological kids, since she's had similar spouse-less visits with her daughter). I'm trying to nudge them into renting a car rather than relying on me to drive them everywhere.

In fannish news, I'm still translating Takahiro Arai's Les Mis manga because I am a crazy woman, and my translated scripts have even been turned into an actual scanlation for the first chapter, which I'm still flabbergasted at. I do encourage any Les Mis fans to check out the manga if they haven't yet, though, as it's an astonishingly good adaptation of The Brick, including a lot of things that usually get left out. For instance, the section I just finished translating has the bit with The Orion, which understandably usually gets cut but didn't here, and is presented in a dramatic enough fashion that I think Hugo would be proud. [/shameless self-promotion]

ETA: And while I was off DW, the 10th anniversary of my LJ occurred. (This started out as a mirror of, and now my LJ is a mirror of my DW. Uh…if that makes any sense). You can eyeroll at my first-ever entry here if you want.

Date: 2015-04-12 05:04 am (UTC)
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Congrats on the 10 year anniversary. I'm sorry for loss and depression and things. *hugs*

My lj... oh gosh it's over 10 years now. That's a scary thought. Yay for us long-time bloggers though! =D

Date: 2015-04-13 03:06 pm (UTC)
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I'm really glad to hear that the meds adjustment and the therapist are being helpful so far. May that continue!

Your manga translation is so excellent. I really enjoy it! And the manga itself of course does such a fantastic job, but I wouldn't appreciate it half as much if I had to try to stumble through with my terrible Japanese or read a bad translation.

(Also edited to say, yay for seeing you on DW too! And wow, 10 years. I'm coming up on 15 for my LJ, and it's a weird, weird thought.)
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