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Whelp, it's a snow day. I don't know that the office has ever been closed in all the years I've been here. Quite a few late start/early release days (including yesterday — two hours early for the feds as per joint consultations between the Long Island, JFK, and Jamaica Queens offices, one hour early for the state as per Gov. Cuomo's declaration), but no "the office is closed today."

And while the storm might've been not quite as epic as predicted, we've still got a lot of snow here. 18" according to the National Weather Service as of 9 am, and it's still snowing a little bit.

Fortunately, I got my grocery shopping done on Sunday. It was bad enough then, but a couple of my coworkers went to the supermarket next door during lunch yesterday to do a bit of stocking up, and returned, ten minutes after lunch was technically over, with tales of epic lines and no bananas or bread unless you like garlic bagels. Also, rampant speculation about what exactly one can do with four gallons of milk, because seriously, people, unless you have a huge family, you're not going to drink that all before it goes bad.

So I'm kicking around today, doing some housework, a bit of baking, some poking around on tumblr, a bit of reading, and, since the wind and snow seem to have died down a good bit, I may go out and clear off my car so that I'm not trying to dig it out of an entire storm's worth of snow in the dark tomorrow morning. I suspect the office will be open for business as usual by then.

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