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Random thoughts that occurred to me as I watched the episode and then afterwards:

Nope, new theme music isn't growing on me. I like it up until it hits the nasal trumpet-y "Whoo-ee-ooo" part. From there out I just find it shrill and obnoxious. I'm getting used to the visuals, though.

Clara got some ye olde hair extensions, apparently, as her curly hair in medieval garb is longer than her straight hair in modern times.

Clara's line about the oddly summery weather and climate change, followed by the Doctor pointing out that it's 1190 reminds me that 1190 was actually part of the Medieval Warm Period, an era of unusually warm climate in northern Europe. So there, Doctor. (granted this wasn't the explanation in the end, but I've been reading a book about the Little Ice Age that followed, so it's on my mind).

Robin Hood, that is a terrible disguise. You're not even trying, good grief. It's like, "I am wearing a different hat! They will never know it is me! :D"

LOL at Clara being seen as the one in charge while the other two argue like a couple of eight year olds. Goodness knows, she seems to be using more common sense than the two men put together.

Are they making giant circuit boards? Granted, gold is an excellent conductor, but seriously.

Mark Gatiss' episodes often seem to have a bit of a cartoony fantasy element to them that's a nice break from the grimdark, I must say.

And I do like Clara getting the opportunity to be clever on a regular basis now, rather than it being an informed trait, as I sort of felt it was last season. And I liked how, when the Doctor was like, "What the heck, why do you have a spear?" she was like, "Uh, because I can use it — actually trained in this stuff."

I have so many feels about the Doctor giving the peasants the key to fight back, using the reflectivity of the plates, and how they apparently all worked together to blow up all the robot guards. That was awesome.

Also awesome — the continuation of some of the themes of last episode, that maybe a person can't be a good man or a hero, but they can do good or heroic things, and inspire others to do the same.

Oh, and the bit about stories, how the stories told about someone are powerful things, and can spread that inspiration even to those who never witnessed your good acts or heroic deeds.

And how, in the end, it's no good trying to be a lone hero — no one person can do it all, but by working together you can shoot that golden arrow into the spaceship and defeat the alien robot knights. Or something.

Have I mentioned how much I loved this episode? Because I loved this episode a real, real lot.

I am also tentatively excited that there seems to be an ongoing thread of robots trying to get to the Promised Land, because that means more robots, and I love things with robots in. (Is Missy in the Promised Land, I wonder? She didn't harvest anyone this episode…)

Next week's episode looks like it's going to give kids a new and exciting reason to be scared of What's Under The Bed. Yay?
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