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Thoughts typed up during the commercial breaks/credits:

What in the sam hill was that conversation between the secretary(?) and Danny? The whole "I spent last night reading," "Sure, reading" *eyebrow waggle* thing. I think it was meant to be a characterization bit for Danny, implying how smooth he is with the ladies, but instead it just came off as the secretary being really, really weird and attempting to insinuate something that wasn't there. Add that to the headmaster(?) commenting about Danny being a ladykiller, and either everyone is making fun of Danny for his lack of capabilities when it comes to talking to women, or there is a serious disconnect going on here between actions and words.

I am annoyed with the idea that since the Doctor has been determined to be Not Clara's Boyfriend, she needs another character to be The Boyfriend. If I put that aside though, and put aside the commentary from the educational system peanut gallery, Danny looks to be an all right character from what we've seen of him so far. It'll be nice to have a POC in the TARDIS again. And with him apparently joining the TARDIS crew, that'll be going right back to Barbara and Ian, with two Coal Hill School teachers as companions.

Clara Oswald, what is that shirt you are wearing? Good grief that pattern is terrifying. Why would you want a shirt covered in eyeballs?

Well, Dalek antibodies certainly are…thorough. Wow, Doctor, could you be a bit less of an insensitive asshole about that man dying though?

Things that were entirely unnecessary: That comment about Clara's hips.

So it was just a crack in the casing around the…aw, Dalek Rusty, no.

WTF Missy. What is going on with her? I mean, clearly it's not actually heaven, because I highly doubt this show would do that. I guess this is the season's Big Mystery. Does she have something to do with Gallifrey, I wonder?

I'll admit, there was a bit there for a minute or so where I was secretly hoping this episode would end with Dalek Rusty turning more-or-less good and joining them on the TARDIS, as the world's most awkward Companion.

So they're continuing with the Doctor-isn't-so-different-from-the-Daleks theme, expressed a bit more literally here as the sheer intensity of his hatred for the Daleks is enough to overpower his wonder and awe at the marvels of the universe, and Dalek Rusty picks up on that. I wonder if we'll see Rusty again?

*grumble grumble scale grumble complexity of memories and neural pathways.* They really did seem too big to be mucking about with such things, and the Dalek's memory storage seems appallingly small.

I was also sort of hoping (though not expecting) that Journey would become a companion for a bit, too. Alas, no.

Clara's actually maintained consistent characterization for two episodes now! Yaaay!

Lots of parallels here with Nine's first Dalek episode. Given that last week had the "Girl in the Fireplace" ties, I wonder if this will be a recurring thing this season, having each episode heavily reference a previous one?
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