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That was overall a pretty enjoyable episode. Here's hoping that's a good omen for the rest of the season.

I'm kind of meh on the new opening. I like the gear and clock motifs, but the animation quality was a bit mid-late '90s-ish. OTOH, I know last season they were changing the font textures for each episode to be thematically appropriate, and the gears, while appropriate for a clock-based visual theme, are also very appropriate for this particular episode. So maybe that's going to change episode to episode, and that's why it looks like there wasn't the care put into it that one might expect for something that's going to be part of every episode this season.

Not a fan of the new theme music arrangement. It struck me as kind of flat and blah.

I am a fan of the changes to the console room. Bookshelves! And a big ol' armchair! It still seems rather dark in there, though — not exactly ideal reading conditions. And the comment about maybe putting more "round things" in the walls made me snicker. Nice shout-out to Classic Who and the anniversary special.

As for Twelve himself, I'm liking him so far. He reminds me a bit of Nine, kind of irascible and impatient with those who can't keep up with him (i.e. pretty much everyone), but not to the point of being a bully, thankfully. I do feel rather sorry for that guy in the alleyway, though, who was clearly like, "Oh, crap, I am trapped with a madman. Smile and nod. Smile and nod."

And Clara felt more like a real character than she has since she became an actual Companion, traveling with the Doctor. Last season, we got to know what she was (The Impossible Girl Born To Save The Doctor), but I never felt like we knew who she was.

I found everyone's insistence that the reason Clara was upset about the change was because she'd lost her Space Boyfriend really, really, obnoxious. Like she can't be upset that the man she'd been traveling with, her friend, was suddenly (apparently) someone else, without it having to be tied up in romance. It's as if *gasp* Moffat can't fathom women having any sort of platonic feelings towards men!

Actually, the way Clara was acting seemed to me more like she felt like the Doctor had died, and there was now a stranger in his place, which is quite understandable, if a bit bizarre for this particular companion, since she has actually seen all the Doctor's other regenerations, and it's not like this is a new concept for her. I suppose seeing it happen to the Doctor you personally know is different though? I dunno.

Anyway, it was this "The Doctor is dead and there's this stranger taking his place" attitude that made the phone call really hit me in the feels, because that made it feel a bit like it was a phone call from the grave, a last chance to talk to a departed loved one.

But now that's past, I'm tentatively looking forward to the rest of the season. Clara and Twelve are great fun to watch bounce off each other and work together, and I am super grateful that there apparently won't be any romantic tension between Doctor and Companion for awhile.


Also also, why the heck did the droids need a dinosaur optic nerve? Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't optic nerves pretty much the same throughout most of the animal kingdom? Is it the size that they needed? And if the bots have been around since the Mesozoic, replacing bits of themselves, what were they cannibalizing pre-humans? I mean, that's more than 60 million years.
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