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I aten't dead! Just…mostly migrated to Tumblr, I suppose. In the spirit of shameless advertising, my username's the same there as here, in case you want to follow me.

Anyway! I had a lovely Fourth of July, and hope everyone who's reading this did, too, American or not, as one can certainly have a very good day without it being a federal holiday. I didn't see any fireworks, but since I had gone to the Nassau County fireworks the previous Saturday, I had already gotten my sparkly-explody-things fix.

What does kind of blow my mind is that I basically spend the latter half of my day hanging out with various people that I've met through the internet, both via DW and Tumblr. A year ago, I had never met anyone in person that I knew online. Some of the reverse, sure, because Facebook, but since I had "everyone you meet on the internet is probably a child molester" drilled into me at an early age, and also since I hadn't lived near any online friends in brickspace until fairly recently, that wasn't something I did.

And now it's something I do on a fairly regular basis. I mean, for goodness sake, I actually travelled to Texas not too long ago just to meet up with some online peeps (who were all lovely, wonderful people, by the way, and I am now cursing that we all live scattered across the country for the most part — that was seriously a weekend I will treasure forever). And, yeah, it's kind of scary every time I meet someone in person for the first time, but so far everyone I've met have been stellar human beings, and it's wonderful to have people that I can comfortably geek out with — I mean, we wound up missing being able to see the Jersey City fireworks last night because we were all talking about Magneto, and I don't regret it at all.

Because of the online community, I feel less isolated than I would otherwise, and I will never stop being thankful that I've found a place here.
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