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Internet's back! Whoo-hoo!

I may have inspired a kid to go and check out the local library today. Local library has a fabulously curated selection of manga and comics (largely, I suspect, due to the librarian with whom I had a conversation about DC vs Marvel), and I take full advantage of it, making the weekly trip while I go to the laundromat, since they're practically next door.

So there I was, sitting in the laundromat, reading Superior Spider-Man while waiting for the spin cycle to end, when I suddenly notice that I have company. There's a little boy, eyes darting back and forth between the comic book and my face (possibly trying to get "grown adult woman" and "Spider-Man" to connect). "That's Spider-Man!" he exclaims.

I smile. "Yup."

His mom calls him over, but he's soon back, reading over my shoulder. "Is that yours?" he asks, enviously.

"No, I got it from the library."

His face lights up like I have just told him where to get free ice cream. He goes over to his mom and starts talking in Spanish, and I pick up the word for "library" and also "Spider-Man" in there.

So that was my good deed for the day. ^_^

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