Dec. 11th, 2014

bobcatmoran: (shizuo)
Hey, guess what time it is? It's "Will the Congress Pass A Budget Time," yay!


So, once again, if a budget doesn't pass by midnight tonight, the government turns into a pumpkin. And by "turn into a pumpkin" I mean "will shut down," because asking them to pass a budget for the ENTIRE year all at once was too much for them last time, and they just funded to government until the end of December 11, i.e. today.

It looks like they've got a bill of some sort put together, bristling with pet projects and put together with all the care and thought of that finals project you didn't start until two in the morning the night before it was due. But it's a budget, more-or-less. And knock wood, it will pass. And maybe, just maybe, if we're really, REALLY lucky, they'll actually manage to fund the entire government for an entire year next time, so that we don't have to play this fun game where none of the agencies can plan for anything because they never know how much money they have to work with.

DHS, sorry, you're still SOL, since the bill that's being passed around only funds that agency until February, since the Republicans wanted to be able to write that department's budget all by themselves.

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