Sep. 26th, 2014

bobcatmoran: (mikado "huh?")
*pokes head in*


I'm not entirely sure how I managed a combination of overtime (manning a booth for the work program at the Long Island Fair) and class (a Scanning Electron Microscope course through Nassau Community College's "lifelong learning" program) so that I won't get a chance to sleep in and actually take a day off until mid-October, but that seems to be what's going on. Granted, work never offers overtime — the last time was, I think, back in 2010 — so I'm eager to take advantage of the opportunity. And the first time that course was offered, last semester, it was cancelled, probably due to lack of interest. And, well, being me, I've wanted to learn how to use a scanning electron microscope ever since I was a little kid looking at pictures in World magazine that were taken with one.

On top of that, I'm submitting a loaf of my multigrain bread for judging at the Long Island Fair, which means I have to get up at 7:15 tomorrow morning in order to drop it off. I fully realize this is sleeping in compared to my normal weekday schedule, but my mind rebels at the idea of being vertical before 8:00 on a Saturday. I just pulled it out of the oven, and it looks good. Hope it's all right on the inside, since I had to make an unusually small loaf in order to satisfy the submission requirements (wrapped in tinfoil, put on a disposable plate, and the whole shebang has to fit into a ziploc bag which, wow, good thing this recipe's merits don't lie in a nice crackly crust because that would not survive being stored like that).

Oh! And last weekend I partially deconstructed my computer in order to replace my super-dead optical drive with a hard drive. Specifically, I moved the pre-existing hard drive into a case that can fit in the old optical drive slot, and put a brand-new solid state drive in the old hard drive slot. It's been a week and so far nothing's gone "fzzzt" on me, so I think I done good.

Wow, this makes me sound so busy.

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