Jul. 30th, 2014

bobcatmoran: The twins from Ouran, talking about robots and flowers (robot flowers)
Work these last couple of weeks has been an adventure, of sorts. The server that houses our database was moved, and although most of the functionality came along with it, the ability to upload data from our field PDAs into it has not. Or, rather, it has, but only with odd, irregular delays in the process. Normally, once a file is put in the upload queue, the data will show up in about ten minutes. Lately, the upload time has ranged from ten minutes to two days to never. And because the database was held together by the computational equivalent of baling wire and string to begin with, files that have actually failed look the same in queue as files that might upload sometime later that day (or week).

So we've been doing everything the old-fashioned way, recording data on paper in the field, then hand-entering it, which is time-consuming and a horrendous waste of paper.

On the plus side of things, I made pitas on Sunday, and nearly all of them actually puffed up to have pockets (usually my success rate is around 30%). And Landlady made her first round of cherry tomato harvesting, so I have a bowlful of them to munch on and put in salads and whatever else I may care to do with them. Nothing like fresh summer tomatoes.

And I found an online source for the magazine that serializes the Les Miserabl├ęs manga (yes, that's a thing, and it's astonishingly well-done). Unfortunately, it's amazon.co.jp, but given that Kinokuniya no longer seems to carry it (I'm loath to ask them to special-order it since my trips into the city are highly irregular) and a good hour of searching didn't turn up any other options, Amazon it is, I suppose.

In the spirit of shameless advertising, I feel I should mention that I am translating said manga, if anyone's interested (link here). It's a slow process, because my Japanese skills are only so-so and I have to look up a lot of stuff. But no one else seemed to be doing it, and it's good language practice for me.

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